The Lost Capital

Once a lavish metropolitan wonder, civil war has reduced the capital city of Thuvia to little more than a vacant ruins in a sea of eroded soil.

To the wandering Kamus Wartribes it is a holly place, a testimant both to the power of man to destroy and the dangers of growing too accustomed to a lush and easy life. They are the only people who still call the city by it’s true name, Akhenaten, though it is a crime punishable by death to speak the name to an outsider. They often make pilgrimages to this place and hunt down any refugees or bandits that attempt to take shelter there. They also do their best to undermine any attempts by the city of Merab to rebuild, though they must strike a delicate balance in this because they rely on the city for supplies that cannot be found in the wasteland. They detest the Church of Kamus in the city for their weakness in deciding to live in the safety of the city, but readily use their slave markets to enrich themselves.

To the Church of Sarenrae, and most the citizens of Merab, it is known as “The City of Tears” in remembrance of the terrible loss of life in the civil war that erupted there. The Church of Sarenrae teaches that it is a reminder of the evil that resides in the hearts of men when they do not try to know their neighbors, and that in hating our enemies we ruin ourselves – just as the warring factions tilled salt and poisons into the earth so that the land could no longer support any life there. Merab’s citizens often talk about reclaiming the lost city and believe that if they are persevering and just then Sarenrae will have mercy on them and heal the land so that their lost glory may be rebuilt.

To the citizens of Pashow it is known only as The Lost City. They believe the city cannot and should not be rebuilt – as that would only invite a repeat of the devastation that has happened before. They are sworn to destroy the worshipers of Kamus (whom they blame for the fall of the city), and all who abet them (either through allowing the worship of Kamus, or allowing slavery). They will stop at nothing to prevent Merab from rebuilding The Lost City.

The Lost Capital

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