Usukim Takaral

Alchemist Heir of the Hearth Knights - Peter


Level 5 Alchemist

Weapon : Bombs, Light Crossbow, Silver Dagger

Toughness (added hp)
Weapon Focus: Bomb (1 to hit with bombs)
Point-Blank Shot (
1 to hit ranged attacks within 30 feet)
Throw anything (negates normal penalty for throwing improvised weapons)
Brew Potion (can create potions)

as a standard action you can create and throw a alchemical bomb 9 times per day that deal 1d6+6 impact damage on hit and 2d6 fire damage to all targets in 5 feet.

casting spells entails mixing an extract and then drinking it which is a standard action.
Level 1:
Cure light wounds (heals 1d8+5)
Disguise Self (Changes the appearance of yourself and your gear for 50 min)
Shield (4 ac for 5 min)
True Strike (
20 to next attack roll)
Level 2:
Fire Breath (can breath fire in a 15 foot cone for 5 rounds or 3 uses. 1st use 4d6, 2nd use 2d6, 3rd use1d6)
Invisibility (+20 circumstance bonus to stealth while moving + 40 standing still for 5 min)
Vomit Swarm (may drink to then vomit a swarm of spiders to fight for you )

Dispelling Bomb (can cause a bomb to dispel magical effects instead of damage.)
Smoke Bomb (can cause his bombs to leave a dense cloud of smoke behind.)


Before the war the Nethy Magic College drew all sorts of people to Pashow in search of scholarship or profit. While not as prestigious or perilous as The Arcanamirium in Nex, the school was popular because of it’s variety of disciplines, tolerance of all schools of magic, and amenable standards of living, while still being respected for it’s exacting standards for masters and skill of it’s instructors. The city flourished as a metropolis of diversity.

Not least of the city’s oddities was Headmaster Masnzul Takarl, the half-orc master alchemist that ran the school. One of only a handful of faculty that declined to flee Pashow after the capital fell, he vowed to protect the college from looters and pillagers. To that end, he founded the Hearth Knights – a ragtag group of magicians, scholars and merchants that were more rebels than soldiers. Never the less, the group persevered and was a large part of why the college remains mostly intact today.

Three generations of Takarals led the Hearth Knights before The Revered Queen came to power. As Her following grew the Hearth Knights fell out of favor, many of their own members even defecting as Fort Zalkine was built. Shortly after Usukim’s birth, The Reverend Queen declared herself The Arcanaotheign and seized the college as a monistary to the worship of Nethys. The declaration and ultimate occupation of the college devastated the order of the Hearth Knights. It’s leaders were imprisoned in the school and minor members were forced to flee Pashow or joinThe Queen’s army at Fort Zalkine.

Usukim Takaral has no memory of a life free of imprisonment. His mother often schemed of escaping and taught him many of the intricacies of alchemy in hopes of attaining that dream. Ultimately she slowly lost her mind to paranoia and inanity and was executed by a mob of The Queen’s worshipers.

Few of the order of the Hearth Knights remain, besides Usukim, all kept under strict seclusion. Usukim has never been allowed outside of the school, though he is allowed more freedom than the other former knights. He keeps a generous alchemic garden inside one of the remaining solariums of the college conservatory, practices and studies alchemy in his family’s laboratory, and even keeps several patas monkeys as companions and lab assistants – all under the careful supervision of The Queen’s monks.

He was summoned by The Queen Herself to be take part in this important mission and be redeemed as a member of The Queen’s servants. He has no intention of seeing this mission through, intending to escape Thuvia if he can.

Usukim Takaral

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