Ovi Ozek

Tengu Cleric of Irori - David


Level 5 Cleric
Positive channeling

Weapon: Bo Staff (disguised as a walking stick)
Domains: Knowledge (Rune in secret)

Blast Rune
Channel Positive Energy
Lore Keeper
Aura of Law
Spontaneous Casting

Arcane Strike
Channeling Force
Scribe Scroll
Weapon Focus (Bo Staff)


Three families of Tengu that live at Fort Zalkine in service to The Revered Queen Annis Zalkine “The Arcanaotheign”. Being naturally talented linguists and survivalists they act as messengers, translators, spies and aides for The Queen.

Because of their position they are the most informed and involved of all of The Queen’s subjects. As such, they are also the most monitored and controlled as well. They are not allowed to have weapons, learn offensive magics, or worship any other god except The Arcanaotheign herself. Of course, they thrill in doing all of these things.

Ovi is the youngest of the Ozek family. He showed great aptitude for magic as a very young child, learning how to detect magic on his own before he could even speak. Afraid that his talents would be discovered and he would be found to dangerous to serve The Queen, his parents sent him to live with his Grandmother. A powerful cleric in her own right, she was able to teach him and conceal his abilities.

While most of the Tengu families worship Nemyth Vaar in secret, the magically gifted worship Nethys to avoid scrutiny. Ovi and his grandmother, however, worship Irori. They both openly practice the domain of knowledge and pretend to have no other domain – as is decreed by The Queen. Secretly, his grandmother has become a talented healer and she had hoped Ovi would follow in her footsteps and help the families as she has. He has instead studied the domain of rune in secret, watching one of The Queen’s daughters whom is a powerful Nethys cleric of destruction and rune domains.

As a child his grandmother kept him secluded as much as she could, in order to keep his talent a secret. The Tengu spread a rumor that he had been weak at birth and was addled in the mind – and so he was not allowed to speak while any non-Tengu could hear him until he was half grown. This made him very lonely as a child, but he understood the purpose and was very close with his strict grandmother and so he did not rebel in this. Instead, he took solace in his study and worship, and by the time he was allowed to speak to other than his family many of The Queen‘s most trusted followers and servants had begun utilizing him as a scribe for important messages and tasks. Having always been kept separate and under strict supervision, he grew to be a quiet and observant young man. He does have the same confident nature of his Tengu brethren, but instead of being boisterous, he is charming and capable. His magical abilities are just now becoming partially known, but he is popular with The Queen’s daughters and has found a limited freedom in their schemes and favor.

He wears a ring of Nethys on his finger (A small silver ring with the mask of Nethys on top in scroll-work) to disguise that his true holey symbol is a lapis lazuli stone with the symbol of an open palm carved into it that he holds in his hand while channeling. He also carries a bo staff disguised as a walking stick that he has become very adept at using as a weapon.

He has been instructed to accompany The Queen’s youngest daughter on this important task to The Lost Capitol. It is his first time being allowed outside of the fort, and he has been instructed to put her safety above all else.

Ovi Ozek

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