Mezran Steinnarr

Earth Oread Sorcerer of Zalkine - Drew


Level 5 Sorcerer

Weapon: Bone Morning star
Bloodline: Elemental Earth

Elemental Ray (Acid)
Adopted – Warrior of Old
Magical Knack Sorcerer

Armor Proficiency – Medium
Improved Initiative


Mezran Steinnarr is one of the orphaned Oreads that have been raised in the temple of Nethys inside Fort Zalkine. Before the war the Barrier Mountains and the fertile valleys north of it had been the welcome home of many elemental touched humans. The city of Pashow had traded with them and offered them sanctuary. With the war and famine that came with the fall of the capital of Thuvia most either joined the fighting or were hunted down by the war tribes and bandits. Few if any of the Oreads know or remember their parents or history, lost to the war.

Mezran is celebrated by The Queen because of his magical talents as a sorcerer, and has been quickly gaining rank and renown within Her elite warriors. A devout worshiper of Her Majesty The Arcanaotheign, he is zealous and eager to prove his faith to Her. He does not remember his parents and has not interest in learning about them, believing they are beneath his notice for having died.

He has served for many years as the captain of a squad of Oreads guarding the fort and has even been to Pashow many times in order to gather supplies or personnel to the fort. His main task of the last few years has been hunting and trapping the Nexian Flesh Beasts for The Queen to be used to fight the Merab army. He doesn’t like that they have been collecting these beasts from the mountains, as they know very little about them and many are incredibly unstable, though he has faith in The Queen’s plans and ability to control them.

He has been sent by The Queen as the captain of this incursion. He doesn’t like that he was not allowed to choose his own men for the task, but has been assured that he was given the very best. He doubts that because he feels that Azar, is the biggest disgrace of all the Steinnarr warriors. They grew up together, and though Azar does not remember him Mezran believes him to be lazy and stupid. He has heard of Louisette and thinks he’s an exploiter and can not forgive him for his lack of reverence toThe Queen. The Tengu is of no consequence to him, though he doesn’t trust any of that race. They are the natural scribes though and a cleric is always welcome on a dangerous mission, so he will not complain for the additions. The other is an unknown to him, besides that he is an alchemist that is good with bombs. Truthfully that is all he feels he needs to know about him.

He believes this mission is a test to prove his ability to lead and persevere. He would never be dis-respectful towards The Queen or Her daughters (though he does not revere them as he does The Queen). The rest of his band is by far beneath him, as far as he’s considered, only tools to be used for The Queen’s ends.

Mezran Steinnarr

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