King Ilepodus III

The Royal Governor of Merab.




The third Monarch of Merab since the civil war began, he rules along a panel of elected secular governors. His father (Ilepodus the second) founded the govern-ships, and although they manage the day-to-day affairs of the kingdom, the Monarchy still retains a great deal of power. He serves as a tie-breaker when the governors council is locked and is the soul Commander of the city’s armies. He also retains the right of royal decree, which allows him to veto any decision the governor’s come to if he has lost faith in their intent to serve the city. This action is deterred by requiring a new council be elected within one season of the veto.

His father also decreed it to be illegal for a man of the church to hold office, though Ilepodus relented at the threat of civil war with rising tensions within the city. He allowed the Church of Sarenrae to send their popular high priest to take office (although he is forbidden to speak of his faith while in council).

Ilepodus has officially converted to the religion of Sarenrae at the behest of his young daughter, but in his heart he is an agnostic who finds faith impractical if admirable. HIs army is small but well trained and determined. Lead by his eldest son, whom is an excellent tactician if a bit over-confident, they are a formidable force. He aspires to retake The Lost Capital from the bandits that thrive there, and believes that they will begin truly rebuilding Thuvia in his son’s reign.

King Ilepodus III

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