Louisette The Barron of District Apollonios

The Hornless Malik of Pashow -Sean


Louisette’s mother was an Ifrit by the name of Camille who was drawn to the city of Akhenaten when she heard rumors of an Elvin summoner there who had managed to conjure an Malik (An Efreet Nobel). She intended to train with the Malik and, though he shunned her, the civil war provided the perfect opportunity for her. For nearly fifty years she fought along him in the city, learning from by watching him in battle and befriending the summoner that had enslaved him. Once she’d gained the summoner’s trust he confided in her that he had not truly become linked with the Malik, instead summoning him with the use of an amulet that he carried.

Incensed by his trickery, she killed the summoner and took the amulet. She struck a bargain with the Malik that if he taught her everything she could learn from him, she would grant him his freedom. So for another thirty years they battled and trained together while trying to defend various small tribes and cities in the valley. In that time they became friends and conceived a child.

Louisette was the offspring of their pairing. Camille intended to take him away from Thuvia once he was an adult, but she was swarmed and killed in the first true sacking of Pashow by the Kamus Wartribe slavers. Louisette was only 25 years old (less then ten years of maturity by human standards) when he lost his mother and had to fend for himself in the broken streets of what remained of Pashow. Louisette came of age only knowing the city and hatred for the slavers that regularly sieged and attacked it. He vowed to one day get revenge against them for all that he had suffered.

Embracing his noble heritage, he declared himself Baron over a small district, that he named Apollonios, and proclaimed that any who took up residence there would be guaranteed safety from the raids as long as they paid a steep maintenance to him. While most of the city starved, his servants lavished him with any gifts and gold they could get their hands on. True to his word they lived in a comparable paradise of safety. He rarely lost a person to the slavers – and then only in battle, never to the market. Nearing one hundred years old, he has been suffered by The Reviered Queen, The Arcanaotheign because of his prowess and popularity, despite his heresy in refusing to worship Her. Because of this willfullness, he had never been recognized or trusted by The Queen with the command he desires, despite his accomplishments.

He has been promised that, upon completing this mission to The Lost Capital, he will be given command over a squad of her elite Oread warriors and a trusted position as one of Her generals in the coming war to finally defeat Merab. He intends to use that position to conquer the Wartribes and find his retribution against them.

Louisette The Barron of District Apollonios

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