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Thuvia was once a thriving commonwealth, a superpower of trade and technology, rich with fertile farmland and resources. Over a hundred years of civil war has reduced most of the country to ashes. Fearing that the bitter and gruesome violence might spill over, Thuvia’s neighbors (Osirion to the East and Rahadoum to the West) have destroyed all trade routes out of the country and fiercely patrol the borders.

It’s capital, Akhetaten, was once thought to be the capital of forward thinking and progress. It was ruled by a pantheon of elected spiritual leaders, each representing the faiths and people of the individual commonwealth, Kamus and Abadar were the most populous, though Nethys, Gozreh, Lyvalia, Milani and Sarenrea all had priests in power at the time of it’s fall. The capital has been completely destroyed and the farmland (through brutal war tactics) has been reduced to a wasteland of dust where nothing can grow. Most of it’s cultures and people have been destroyed.

Two factions still remain at war. The coastal city of Merab, and Pashow in the south.

Locations of Thuvia

Merab Port city, the largest city of Thuvia and considered by many to be the new capital of the country. Home to the Sovereign King Ilepodus. Worship: Serenrea and Kamus.
Pashow Ruined city of wonder. Once a wealthy magnet to all sorts of otherworld races and creatures, it became a asylum city as the fighting grew worse, sheltering refugees that could not escape the war. Worship: Nethys and Milani.
The Lost Capitol Akhenaten was a cultural center of many city-states that called Thuvia home. Once it was a place of peace, unity, and inclusion – war broke out here and spread across Thuvia, leaving nothing but dust and destruction in it's wake.
Fort Zalkine The fortified castle of the savior and Revered Monarch of Pashow, Queen Annis Zalkine. The one bastion of true safety beyond Merab. Worship: Arcanaeotheign (Nethys)
The Barrier Wall The southern border of Thuvia consists of a brutal mountain range known as The Barrier Wall. Home to atrocious beasts built in the Flesh Forges of Nex, they are nearly impossible to cross.
The Scarred Valley A wasteland of dirt and desert, plagued by both bandits and the slaving Wartribes of Kamus, the interior of Thuvia is dangerous for even the most capable adventurer to cross. A combination of poor farming practices, wartime atrocities, and drought has turned the once fertile land into a desert.
Nethys University Once the only place of learning that challenged the Arcanamirium in prestige and accomplishment, it drew much wealth and all types of people to the landlocked city of Pashow. It is one of the few large structures still standing within the city.
The Citadel of the Alchemist Once this was the only place that produced the Sun Orchid Elixir, the powerful elixir that could reverse the aging process and the selling of it founded the capital. The building is still standing near the capital, but they say that no one has entered it and come out alive. 

People of Thuvia

Annis Zalkine Queen of Pashow. Worshiped as The Arcanaotheign, the chosen messenger of Nethys.
Ilepodus the Third Royal Govoner of Merab. While still reserving power as the monarch of Merab, he rules alongside a secular council of govoners.
The Heros of Pashow Azar Steinnarr, Barron Louisette of Apollonius, Mezran SteinnarOvi Ozek, Usukim Takaral.

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