Azar Steinnarr

Fire Oread of Zalkine - Haiden


Level 1 Barbarian
Level 4 Ranger

Weapon : Great hammer
Fav Enemy: Humans

Combat Reflexes
Improved Initiative
Treacherous Earth


Azar Steinnarr is one of the orphaned Oreads that have been raised in the temple of Nethys inside Fort Zalkine. Before the war the Barrier Mountains and the fertile valleys north of it had been the welcome home of many elemental touched humans. The city of Pashow had traded with them and offered them sanctuary. With the war and famine that came with the fall of the capital of Thuvia most either joined the fighting or were hunted down by the war tribes and bandits. Few if any of the Oreads know or remember their parents or history, lost to the war.

Azar grew up bullied by many inside Fort Zalkine for his lack of magical ability. Most Oreads have at least an affinity for earth magic thanks to their bloodline and Azar showed a touch of fire elemental in his appearance as well. A stoic and benevolent boy by nature, he never grew angry or vengeful for the treatment of him. Instead, he became quiet and contemplative – seeking to go unnoticed and live peacefully. The fort’s smith took a liking of him. He was the only orphan sent to aid him who never complained about the chores he was given and tried his best even on glory-less tasks. He took him under his wing, eventually taking him as an apprentice. He would have officially adopted Azar if such a thing was allowed.

Through the years Azar split his time between the required guarding and training duties of an Oread, and learning to craft fine armors and weapons. He could even fold great magics into armor and weapons with the help of a skilled spell caster, though his skills were limited by his lack of personal affinity for the art of magic. His father is growing old and having difficulty crafting armor and weapons any longer, and has asked the temple if Azar may be released of his duties to them in order to accept the forge as his own.

The monks refused this request. They still disdained Azar and had forbidden him from being named to a company of soldiers because of his lack of fighting spirit. They saw this request as a sign of his lack of faith and cowardice. They forbid him from aiding the forge any longer, and though he did his best to sneak to his father’s aid when he could, they kept him almost perpetually on patrol. Eventually, he got caught sneaking away from his post and was reported to be a deserter. The other Oreads brought him before The Queen, thinking he would be executed. His father plead for his life, and The Queen commanded that he would be forgiven of his crime and allowed to take over the smith if he finished this task for Her and returned.

This is not a popular decision, as many of the Oreads feel that he has been rewarded for his crime by being honored with the opportunity to serve The Queen in this important mission. Unlike most of the other Oreads he has never been outside of the mountains, and all he knows of the mission is that they will be traveling to The Lost City to accomplish it.

Azar Steinnarr

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