Annis Zalkine "The Arcanaotheign"

The Revered Queen of Pashow.


Very little is known about the origin of the Revered Queen of Pashow. She came to the city when the refugees that survived there had no hope for survival. Between the Kamus Wartribes raiding the and abducting people to sell into slavery, the Bandits constantly burning buildings and stealing what few resources they could muster, and the Merab army commanding the Scarred Valley, even the most stalwart and skilled soldiers thought it was only a matter of time before the city would be completely destroyed and all who remained either enslaved or killed.

She came into Pashow the day after a terrible raid by the wartribes and declared that she was The Arcanaotheign, messenger of Nethys, and that she had been sent to deliver justice. In the next attack that came, with her help, the remaining fighting men were able to thwart the bandit’s raid, killing every single man and woman that had entered the town to destroy it that day. After that she quickly gained a faithful following of worshipers. Promising to deliver Nethys and Pashow back into power, she gathered all the refugees that had come to follow her and ventured up into the mountains where they built Fort Zalkine over the course of several decades. In that time she was able to instill an organized militia which over-took the Nethys Magic College. Once she had control of the Magic College she declared it a monastery and promised to provide refuge to all who would accept her as the Arcanaotheign and seek to glorify Nethys through service to her.

Although she has a large and devout following she is by no means an irreproachable leader. She and her followers are brutal to those that they consider “failures”, insisting that it is better to die than to fail (and often hunting down those who disappoint her mercilessly). The Hearth Knights (whom had long been the most organized fighting force in the city) that refused to immediately join her were hunted down and executed on the justification that they failed the city for years before her arrival by allowing the city to fall to invaders at all. The Oread soldiers patrol the mountains and city, often carting people off in the dead of night never to be seen again. Her monks are zealots who preach extremes. There are rumors that The Queen has been messing around with the Nexian Flesh-Forged monsters the wander in the mountains, beasts so terrible and unknowable that even the great wizards of Nex who created them have abandoned them. And she very rarely comes down to Pashow, ruling with iron authority at a distance, from her unfathomable fortress castle.

But, it is un-deniable that she has saved Pashow from certain defeat. The city is far safer, the Merab army hasn’t dared to come nearer than The Fallen Capital in nearly a decade, and the city proper is never sacked the way it was before her arrival. Gardens within the city have been utilized to produce some food, so fewer face starvation. Her monks include both magical and traditional healers, which serve even those who don’t swear to serve her. Her ultimate goal, according to her monks, is to eliminate slavery – which has caused even those who still follow the Goddess Milani (Whom had become the prime God in the city prior to her arrival) to align themselves with her and accept her rule.

She has several daughters, all of whom are incredibly beautiful and talented, but they are not well known. She is rumored to have a pack of mountain lions as guard dogs, and a giant rat as a pet that she treats like a little lap dog. She is beautiful herself, and extremely powerful.

Annis Zalkine "The Arcanaotheign"

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